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    • Fundraise with my favourite Fairtrade chocolate brand! You have the option of selling only their dark (vegan) chocolates.
    • 'If the Federal Government won't tell Australians when and where they intercept asylum seeker boats, and what they do with asylum seekers once they are picked up, someone will have to go and find out.' Friends of mine just posted a Kickstarter campaign for Operation Transparent Borders which will put a boat carrying journalists and observers into the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean to monitor and report the facts for three months. Please like, share and pledge xx
    • If the Federal Government won't tell Australians when and where they intercept asylum seeker boats, and what they do with asylum seekers once they are picked up, someone will have to go and find out. Friends of mine just posted a Kickstarter campaign for Operation Transparent Borders which will put a boat carrying journalists and observers into the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean to monitor and report the facts for three months. Please like, share and pledge to this important campaign
    • For the drinkers amongst you...
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    Sjaak's Peanut Butter Bite
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    Biopet Vegan Organic Dog Bones
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    Biopet Vegan Dog Food 1.25kg
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    The Radical is Closing Down
    Friday, 20 December 2013



    Contrary to popular belief The Radical Grocery Store does not exist soley as a dealer of delicious vegan junk food. I created this store as a social enterprise with the primary (but not only) aim to make ethical grocery shopping more accessible by:
    - Doing all of the research and ethics interrogations of companies on my customers behalf.
    - Bringing all the most ethical products together in one convenient location.
    - Bringing down the price of ethical products by having lower mark ups, negotiating discounts with suppliers, buying in bulk and creating economies of scale.
    - Creating a retail environment that is accessible for as many people as possible including those who experience disabilities, face social stigma, shop with young children etc
    - Connecting and collaborating with other social enterprises and non-profits.

    The seemingly insignificant decisions made everyday in grocery stores collectively have a massive impact on the world and ethical grocery products should not be accessible only to a privileged few. One of my hopes was that if ethical grocery shopping became accessible to more people that together we could start having a massive impact on the ethics of our multinational corporation controlled, profit driven food systems and encourage the growth of ethical initiatives such as organically grown, fairly traded, sweat shop free, GM free, cruelty free, vegan, reuseable, upcycled, recycled, compostable and cooperatively grown/made/bought/traded products in Australia.

    However, this grand plan was dreamed up by an ambitious 22 year old with endless time, energy and enthusiasm on her hands and unfortunately, 5 years later I'm now more than a little jaded, burnt out and struggling with my mental health. It's now time for me to take an incredibly well earned break and let someone else step up and take over the role of Melbourne's favourite vegan junk food dealer.

    If someone has the time, energy, passion and funds to keep the Radical dream alive I would be overjoyed to pass it on to new owners. Selling/handing over a business involves a lot of work though so I wont be pursuing this option unless someone is really serious and ready to jump in straight away.

    As things currently stand the store will continue to be open usual hours, 10am-7pm weekdays & 11am-5pm weekends, 7 days a week, right up until Xmas eve then at 7pm I'll be closing the store for good.

    To celebrate being in business for 5 long years and to thank everyone who believed in the vision and made the extra effort to support it, I'll be throwing the very last 'Big Spender Sale' until the end of the month. As with past sales the discounts will be tiered: Spend over $100 to save 10%
    spend over $200 to save 20%
    spend over $300 to save a whopping 30%!!*
    So come on over for one last visit, stock your fridges, freezers, pantries and Xmas stockings and help us pay off all our bills before we leave.

    Many thanks,


    *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, excludes gift voucher purchases, sale ends at 7pm Tuesday 24th of December 2013.


    Vegan Bake Off for Amnesty International
    Wednesday, 29 February 2012


    The Sydney Road Street Party is on once again on Sunday the 4th of March and since our Radical Cupcake stall was such a huge success a couple of years ago, this year we've planned a bake off. Not just any bake off though. A vegan, charity bake off!
    To keep things simple so you can spend more time feeding your faces and less time waiting around we're going to try judging the winners of each category by popular vote.

    Showing off your skillz?
    $5 per entry
    Enter as many times as you like
    Get your entries in between 11-11:30am

    Feasting begins at 12pm
    Vote for your favorite in each category by donation
    All money goes directly to Amnesty International
    The entries which raise the most win their category

    Absentee voting?
    For those of you who can't make it but want to contribute to the cause and drool over food porn, we'll be posting photos of the entries on Facebook. All you have to do is make a donation through our online fund-raising page and put the number of the most drool worthy entry in the comments section. There will be an additional prize awarded for the entry that raises the most funds online for Amnesty International.

    Gluten Free

    The 5 winners will each receive a hamper of treats from our store and what ever other prizes we can round up in the next month as well as that warm fuzzy feeling you get from baking up a storm and supporting a charity at the same time.

    Of course all entries must be free of any animal products including eggs, dairy, gelatin and honey. If you're unsure google it or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Our Third Birthday Big Spender Sale!
    Thursday, 9 February 2012


    We want to thank you for helping us get to our third birthday.

    Yesterday was our 3rd birthday and to celebrate our survival we're throwing another Big Spender Sale to reward all of you who don't live in our neck of the woods but make the trip over to stock up and support us. We know we're not the closest or most convenient grocery store for you all but we really do appreciate the extra effort you make to support us and our ethical brands whether you're traveling across Brunswick or across the state.

    We've been getting new products in every month and are getting closer and closer to our goal of becoming a more convenient one-stop-vegan-shop. We now have 7 isles worth of vegan groceries on offer and with your continued support we hope to work on our wall of co-op style bulk foods next.
    For those of you not familiar with our Big Spender sales this is how it works:

    Come in this weekend (11th & 12th) between 11am and 5pm and receive the following discounts:
    Spend $150 and receive 15% off
    Spend $250 and receive 25% off
    Spend $350 and receive a whopping 35% off!!

    We're not offering the discount off gift voucher purchases this time but feel free to invite friends and pitch in for a big stock up.

    Party Food Potluck for our 2nd Birthday!
    Friday, 11 February 2011


    Australia's FIRST 100% vegan grocery store has not only survived two years but we've just expanded dramatically and it's time to celebrate!


    It’s been a wild ride from the mostly empty milk bar sized store we opened for you only two years ago to our new feature packed grocery sized store. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but so far we have added a full range of certified organic 100% Australian fresh produce; a cake fridge full of Mister Nice Guy Cup Cakes, Cookies & Brownies; a pie warmer with hot pies and sausage rolls on weekends (soon to be 7 days), a ton of new products, we just bought several more fridges and freezers and we’ve extended our trading hours to 7 days a week. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding our signage, fresh locally baked organic bread, co-op style bulk foods, isles worth of new products, organic beer & wine and kick ass supporter rewards.


    So come in and celebrate our survival, expansion and second birthday with us on Sunday the 13th of February with a vegan party food potluck from 11am – 5pm. It's easy; just bring in a plate of VEGAN party food to share. If you're like me and almost never find time to prepare food for potlucks, never fear. We'll also have plenty of product samples to share with everyone and all of our usual store delights like cupcakes, hot pies and ice creams will be on offer. If sales take your fancy, we even have 15% off all Vegan Perfection products to lure you in.


    If you haven’t discovered our new store yet, we’re directly behind the new Episode vintage store at 105 Sydney Road. We don’t have signage up yet but you’ll be able to see our red ‘OPEN’ flag from Sydney Road.


    Giant new store for 2011
    Tuesday, 26 October 2010



    Thanks to your incredible support we're now about to take The Radical Grocery Store to the next level. After a mind blowingly busy weekend on the 9th & 10th we were able to put down a deposit securing our new lease and are now preparing to give it a radical make over ready for a January opening. For those of you who haven't yet heard me babbling on about how awesome the new store will be, just imagine a Radical Grocery Store 10 times the size, in the heart of Brunswick with Australian organic fruit & veg, fresh baked organic bread, vegan organic Fairtrade cupcakes, co-op style bulk organic foods, organic beer and wine, the largest range of vegan and Fairtrade products in the country, a huge upstairs gallery/chill out/event space, all open 7 days a week and all supremely ethical and vegan.


    The new store will be located at 6-8 Wilson Avenue which is the little street across from Barkey Square Shopping Centre which links Jewel train station to Sydney Road. Once we have our signs up you'll be able to see it from both Sydney Road and the train station.


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